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Covid 19 Testing Kits  

Large quantities in stock 

24 Hours Delivery

90 days disinfectant

on application lasts up to 90 daYs

UK Govt Approved

Our Healgen test kits have been approved by the UK Government

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We have swab tests, 

non invasive tests, 

20 packs

single packs.

90 days protection*

PROTEXER offers the world’s leading antimicrobial nanotechnology surface protection that keeps surfaces microbe free for upto 90 days.

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Browse our range of 

Disinfectants for all 

your surfaces!


Office Furniture


Desks, chairs, lunch rooms, restroom areas, lobby, receptions, counters, hand rails, door handles, rugs 

Image by Michael Browning

Sports & Fitness Industry

Weight rooms, restrooms, locker rooms, shower area, sports equipment, sports mats, hot tubs, exercise equipment, cafeterias, saunas 

Gym Equipments

Food & Beverage Industry

Grocery stores, caterers, restaurants, restrooms, refrigeration systems, processing facilities, prep areas, floor drains, commercial kitchens, cafes

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